Lead Generation

We generate leads for your Wildlife or Pest Control company by making your phone ring with potential customers that have a pest or wildlife problem. This service is quick and easy. Plus these are exclusive leads, which means that they only go to you.

Online Advertising

We will promote your brand and company. Our sites receive over 75,000 unique visitors a day and 4 million page views a month. We target to have the top 3 results for over 4,800 keywords, which will bring lots of visibility to your company.

Website Development

If you do not have a website, we will build one for you. There are 4 templates we have created in-house that have been perfected for technical SEO. We will grow and develop the site to be at the top of search results for all major search engines


How do our costs compare?

Typically our lead generation services are 65% to 20% of the costs you would typically pay with Google Adwords PPC, HomeAdvisor, and Yodel from our benchmark study.

  • Google Adwords PPC: we paid $11 per click and it took us 6 clicks to get a lead on average, which was $66 for the lead.
  • HomeAdvisor: we paid between $13 and $26 per lead, with the average at $17 per lead. The problem with their leads was the conversion to paying customers. HomeAdvisor leads go to everyone on their platform in that area, which was a high as 11 different companies. Our leads are exclusive, the potential customer calls you.
  • Yodel: we paid about $3,000 over 3 months and received 5 leads.

We want a collaborative relationship

We are always looking to better understand your business, how you resolve critter conflicts, and what jobs make you the most money. For example, in 2017 we learned that one of our clients in Tennessee was making over $300,000 a year in just skunk related work. This included deck exclusions, crawl space restoration work, and other repair work from damage done by skunks. As a result, we built skunkpestcontrol.com to drive more skunk leads for our client.



Doug Elby Wildlife Control Operator

"We appreciate everything so far I’ve been able to set up every lead you’ve sent us. Since you’ve set us up we have sold $30,000 already in a short time." -Doug Elby (Fort Worth, TX)

Wildlife Control Online Marketing

"Thank you for the opportunity to work with you over the past several years." -TruTech

Jimmy animal advertising

"You make the phone ring. You make me money and for that I have zero problem paying you for your service and I mean that."-Jimmy Catchings (Pearland, TX)

Ken wildlife leads

"You keep doing what you are doing. You do an amazing job" -Ken Franklin (Columbus, OH)

Don wildlife team marketing

"AAAnimal Control's leads are the best, we convert 50% of them and it has doubled our business" -Don Hudson (Dallas, TX)

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Next Steps...

If you are interested in joining the 200 other pest & wildlife control companies that use us or you just want to learn more, please reach out to us.