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Technical SEO Perfection

Your content does not only need to be professional, but it needs to be optimized for search engine functions. What this means is that if your website is SEO-friendly, you will appear higher up in search engine results. 

AAAnimal Advertising has the know-how to secure SEO for your wildlife and pest control website. We have custom built 4 proprietary templates in-house that are optimized for technical SEO factors like super fast webpage load-time, a site architecture that is super easy for crawlers to read quickly, optimized URL formatting that search engines can easily understand for higher rankings, and much more. Our templates utilize HTML and CSS. We do not use WordPress for our clients, as page speed and site structure hinders search engine ranking.

Built for Speed

We want your website to run at optimal speed. Many websites are not performing at their fastest level. This pace affects business - users will be less likely to navigate a page, and ultimately you will lose your audience and potential income. Our websites ensure a smooth and fast-running, user-friendly experience, which ultimately leads to more engagement and sales.

Conversion Optimized

Our websites are deigned for converting visitors with a nuisance pest problem to call you while they are on the website. Each page is designed for engagement.


We know how to tap into the data your website generates. We will work with you to understand the data, so you can better target your marketing, build your customer base, and generate revenue.

Integrated Marketing

We tie your marketing together with website design. We market across many aspects of the wildlife and pest control business, not just website development. With our multi-discipline knowledge, you can integrate your marketing strategy online with a broader marketing strategy.

Mobile Responsive

Most internet activity is done on mobile devices. Our websites are optimized for all devices, not only desktops. We have designed our templates to load quickly on mobile as well.

Intuitive Navigation

Our websites are easy to use and enable visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. There is a clear site map with no broken links. The layout is very intuitive and consistent with local businesses.

Beautiful Design

Industry know-how means the latest in website design. As in real life, you will want your first impression to make a lasting one. Good website designers know how to achieve this result. A clean design and friendly interface also means users will navigate your pages longer, be more likely to return, and want to do business with you.

Our design is not just about what the website looks like but how it feels. Our websites use an effective combination of web design principles of certain typefaces & weights, contrasting colors, clear imagery, grid-based layouts and aesthetics.

Action Template

Wildlife Removal local SEO

The Action template is a neat, clean and sophisticated free local website template tailored for the pest & wildlife control industry. It produces top rankings fast and drives action.

Promote Template

Wildlife Control Local SEO 2

Promote features a big banner with text, phone number and pest image so visitor do not even need to browse your pages first to take action, they can do it straight away.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a professional will cost money; this is true. However, it frees up your time so that you can continue to focus on your primary business. Over time, you will save money, and your optimized website will enhance your ability to generate further revenue.

Why Choose Us

So why should you choose us over another website development agency?

  • Industry-specific - Not only are we a professional marketing agency that cares for your business and its success, we specialize in the wildlife and pest control industry. We know your business and how the industry operates, and we know how to market it for optimal success.
  • Multi-discipline - We coordinate an overall marketing strategy for your wildlife and pest control business. You do not need to hire a separate web designer and lead generator - we are the web designer and lead generator. We are also specialists in SEO, Google Maps marketing, and online advertising. Knowing all the above, we can seamlessly integrate a workable strategy that is best suited to your needs.
  • Wildlife and pest control experience - Our industry experience stems from our business owner's involvement within the wildlife and pest control industry. We have extensive experience in running a wildlife and pest control business. We are incredibly passionate about the industry. These years of experience mean we speak your language, and we understand your need to operate a successful business with a robust online marketing strategy.


"Augie is one of the nicest guys I've ever to work with, I'm a happy camper" - Annie Lancaster (Victorville, CA)

"I’ve had great experience. Easy to work with and very responsive." - Chris Hunnicutt (Charlott, NC)

"I have been with them for 10 years....Gets lots of business" - Scott Robinson (Bridgeport, CT)

"These guys are the best in the business" - Chris O'Banion (Cincinnati, OH)

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