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When it comes to your business, new customers are your lifeblood.

Your business thrives on customers. To ensure your business' success and ability to thrive, you need to grow your customer base. Having an outstanding customer service reputation and a product or service that people demand is essential, as it will ensure repeat customers. You will also grow your business in this way through word of mouth.

As well as your service, you will generate business through advertising, online searches, and local custom. While return service and natural growth are excellent, you can also turbocharge your customer base through lead generation. Leads will bring in new customers to your business, allowing you to reach consistent heights of growth.


Why Lead Generation?

Lead generation is often overlooked. Some see it as too 'salesy.' Others are scared of the thought of cold-calling for hours on end and being continuously rejected. Some see it as an inefficient use of time.

However, today, lead generation is arguably more important than ever. Today's consumers are active buyers - they research and look for the service or product they want before making an informed decision. Market research indicates the majority of today's buyers find the service they desire, as opposed to being approached first.

Modern lead generation is data-driven, digital, practical, efficient, and does not require cold-calling. It starts with WORKING SMARTER, not harder. We bring you business, so you can focus more time on satisfying your customer, manage your staff, and run your business. Leveraging experts in online marketing like us allows you to do this while growing your company. We will provide you with a consistent recurring source of leads and sales to drive business growth, allowing you more time to focus on your customer which is what you do best.

We will:

  • Drive more leads, appointments, and sales from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other search engines.
  • Build brand awareness by putting your company name and logo in front of people searching the internet
  • Save you time and employee expenses
  • Help you convert more business from your leads, learn about CRISP


How our Lead Generation Works

People with a wildlife pest problem search the internet to help identify their problem, do research, look for a company, and much more. So, what does AAAnimal advertising do to generate pest control leads for you?

  1. Target search terms - We target over 4,800 search terms, like "remove raccoons" and "noises in my attic", just to name a few with our large diectories. Our goal is to have 3 of our websites in the top 5 search results. For many keywords, our websites are the top 3 search results. (See the image below for details on this process.)
  2. Target local traffic - Some people search terms that trigger a local search, either by adding the city name, like "San Diego wildlife removal", or using a specific search term like "squirrel removal", which triggers search engines to serve the local city webpage from our websites, like wildlife-removal.com/city/CA-San-Diego.htm. Then people click directly on the page where your company is listed.
  3. Deliver free email leads to you - We deliver email leads with customer data directly to you for FREE so that you can follow up on them. These leads are less common but in major cities we can produce 30-50/month.
AAAnimalcontrol.com lead generation

So, What does the Customer Journey Look Like?

Step 1: A homeowner or business identifies a problem that requires wildlife removal or pest control services. They search online for the relevant service. For example, the person may use searches like 'wildlife removal,' or 'how to remove raccoons from my house,' or 'do rat droppings mean I have an infestation problem?'

Step 2: The search directs the potential customer to one of our websites. We strongly recommend that the visitor hire a professional to solve their problem and they are qualified through a location page that directs them to your company. On this referral page, the visitor sees your business name, logo, contact details, and services provided.

Step 3: The referral page has all the information the potential new customer needs to contact you. This referral includes all your contact details. When they call you, we collect all the call data using a tracking phone number. The data is accessible to you as part of our service. This data allows you to follow-up on your sales leads and convert any pending opportunities into sales.

Step 4: We charge per lead generated. Lead generation means an active, original caller that calls you for the first time. So we don't charge you for multiple calls from the same caller.


The benefits of generating pest control leads with us are:

  • An increase in sales - The most apparent benefit is sales revenue. With more traffic, you can increase your sales.
  • Access to a team of experts - AAAnimal Advertising uses up-to-date technology and data-driven strategy to target specific consumers looking for your type of pest control service.
  • Let your data work for you - We tap into your existing data to generate targeted leads. In other words, we work smarter, not harder. You have the information there, and we have the know-how to use it in your favor. You can use this to increase your future sales revenue.
  • No need to cold call - Instead of the blunt 'shotgun blast' approach of cold calling, we break down more targeted leads through online data and analysis. You never have to get on that phone and call people from a randomly generated, low-impact, low-conversion data list. Our technology generates the most qualified leads for you, so you get a higher conversion rate for your calls made - which ultimately means increased sales.
  • Targeted marketing with a higher hit rate - Using the leads generated, we can see where new areas for service may open up. Identifying new marketing areas for expansion is a powerful tool for growth. Using specific data tracking enables us to find potential buyers more readily than other methods available.
  • New customer growth - The only long term solution to keeping a business alive and thriving is through new customers. Pest control lead generation ensures you will retain a steady inflow of new customers to build your customer base over an extended period of time.
  • Integrated online marketing strategy - AAAnimal advertising employs leads generation with our broader suite of online marketing, giving you a coherent and coordinated strategy to grow your business online.
  • Brand recognition - Your online presence and footprint will grow with persistent marketing, and lead generation is no different. You will be in future customers' minds when they are looking for the next wildlife removal business.
  • Good return on investment - Lead generation pays. Your return for every dollar invested is a solid one, with high quality, data-driven leads that attract highly motivated paying customers. Our existing clients often comment on their conversion ratio with the leads AAAnimal Advertising generates. (See Testimonials below.)

Leads We Generate

Wildlife Removal Leads:

  • Raccoon Removal
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Bat Removal
  • Bird Removal
  • Rat Removal
  • Mice Removal
  • Skunk Removal
  • Opossum Removal
  • Groundhog / Woodchuck Removal
  • Armadillo Removal
  • Snake Removal
  • And More...

Know your audience Your buyer requires a specific service. A motivated buyer looking for pest control is a good, concrete example of a targeted lead generation profile. As wildlife and pest control experts, we know your audience, so we make the ideal partner for your business.

Have the service and the content

Combine your premium service with quality advertising. If the advertising presence is there, you can capture your interested audiences' attention. 

AAAnimal Advertising, as a partner, is ideally positioned to optimize your online presence.

Put the content out there

AAAnimal Advertising specializes in enhancing your brand online with the latest online marketing technologies. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, combined with more traditional online advertising, works with your content to extend your reach.

From this content, your potential audience will see who you are and what you offer. We then channel the potential client to you.

Put the content out there

This last component comes down to excellent quality customer service. Once the lead is generated and you have the contact, it's a matter of converting that potential customer into a satisfied client.

Using Directories

A directory to generate leads is, like any marketing tool, useful at certain times. 

Today, with online marketing, lead generation has taken advantage of the sheer wealth of data, driven by a flood of consumers online, to become a highly effective and efficient tool for revenue.

Lead directories are still a viable option to employ alongside the more up-to-date versions of lead generation, if used in a broader strategy.

A Strategy for Marketing

When it comes to marketing, a business will typically employ several promotions and advertising tools as part of a mix.

Some examples might be print media advertising, sponsoring a local event, advertising online, maintaining a website, being on Google Maps, and lead generation. We will come back to leads and lead directories in a moment.

Having a clear marketing strategy ensures a diversity of tools reach a maximum number of people: that one of these alone could not achieve. Each device has its strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing and Lead Generation

As a tool, leads are an incredible resource to expand your business and sales. In saying this, not all leads are created equal. 

AAAnimal Advertising uses online advertising and data to drive new potential clients to our partners, who are all wildlife and pest control businesses. This more modern style of lead generation is very effective and has a high return on investment.

Lead Directories 

The more traditional form of lead generation derives from a directory. The directory is a data list that you pay for the privilege of using before you know if you will generate any sales.

Like all the tools mentioned above, lead directories have their strengths and weaknesses.


Here are a couple of pros:

  • Short term sales bumps

If you happen to be in a sales slump or are having a slow month, it can pay to get a boost through paying for a lead directory.

  • Generates brand awareness

Making several calls to locals or new areas will undoubtedly have an impact as your name gets out there.


Conversely, there are some downsides:

  • Less efficient than other lead generation methods

The directory is a lot less effective than a funneled, directed, and motivated call from potential buyers online.

  • Not great for the longer-term

These calls are paid for once and not generally a useful long-term tool to employ in a marketing strategy.

So Should I Use Directories to Generate Leads?

The answer lies in employing a clear marketing strategy. If you know what you want to achieve, then you will use the right tools to get the job done - that is, increasing your business revenue for the long term.

AAAnimal Advertising provides several tools for online marketing because we believe a diversified strategy works best. What all this means is: use a directory, but use it only when you need to, and know that these days, with the advent of online data access and consumerism, there are many other more efficient ways to generate your leads.

How do we charge for our services?

First, our leads are exclusive, unlike HomeAdvisor and other companies that send out leads to every company on their platform. We are not charging you for a mass-list of data for you to sift through (wasting your precious time), but lead generation that has a potentially motivated customer behind it.

Our leads are based on calls, not clicks or impressions. We charge for our services based on unique callers - that is, a unique phone number calling you. So if someone calls you multiple time to get ahold of you or several times about an animal in a trap, you only pay once. Our services are based on success, so if no one calls you, then you do not pay anything. We also do not have any sign up costs or account maintenance fees.


Chris Testimonial

"We love the advertising we have with Augie... I'd love to pick up some other local market areas" - Chris O'Banion (Cincinnati, OH)

Jay Testimonial

"Every lead is gold. I’m averaging 31-37 leads and closing around 40% of them. - Jay Wilkins (Seaford, DE)

Jon Testimonial

"It's the only advertise I use and I'm almost overwhelmed with how much work it gets me." - Jon Munsterman (Everett, WA)

Dalton Testimonial

"I pick up a solid stream of calls from it. I personally think it is one of the better Wildlife specific advertising out there." - Dalton Stephenson (Sacramento, CA)

Scott Testimonial

"I have been with them for 10 years....Gets lots of business" - Scott Robinson (Bridgeport, CT)

Joe Testimonial

"The return is worth every penny." - Joe Herring (Raleigh, NC)

How do I get pest control leads in the first place?

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