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What do you do these days when you require the services of a particular business? Unless you are a digital hermit, you will do a Google search, something like "wildlife and pest control businesses near me". This search will give you a map of the closest wildlife and pest control businesses. 

As a service-providing business, you will want to come close to, or at the top of, this search list. If you are not on Google maps, it is in your interest to ensure you are. 

What are the benefits of listing on Google Maps, and how do you optimize your business there? 

Use the professional services of AAAnimal Advertising - a specialist in pest control and wildlife business online.


What is Google My Business?

This is a FREE business listing on Google's platform, it is also known as a "GMB", and helps drive more customers to your business. This listing is visible on Google Search and Google Maps. We spend about 4 hours per GMB to set it up and optimize it for highest ranking potential, then regularly maintain it to make sure that it keeps at top of search results. Our goal is to put your GMBs in the top 3 search results for your target keywords. Here is one of many GMBs that we have ranked for clients in the #1 position...

GMB Wildlife Pest Control AZ 2


The Benefits

Here are the main reasons you'll want to market your business on Google Maps:

  • Even when shopping locally, people search online first. Users overwhelmingly perform a search before they go out and buy at their local store, or call their local pest control or wildlife service. 
  • A vast majority of searches on Google are about finding business or services required by consumers.
  • According to some research, Google Maps has a 96% market reach, so if you want new business, you need to be on there.
  • The majority of people use Google Maps to navigate around on a daily basis.
  • Even when not advertising, people can find you. Your presence on Google Maps ensures people see it and remember who you are.
  • Brand recognition and trust for your pest control business. Being on Google Maps gives the perception of reliability, confidence, and a brand of note. People trust what they can find online.


How to Market on Google Maps

Google Maps marketing is more than just being listed; it is about maximizing your presence. In much the same way as search engine optimization (SEO) is about getting the most from your search engine presence, Google Maps marketing will bump your wildlife and pest control business up the Maps ranking lists. 

The best way to optimize your business for Google Maps marketing is to use two primary tools: Google My Business and a professional online marketer, like AAAnimal Advertising.


What do we do?

  • Create, claim, and verify your GMBs to make sure you have as many as you want for your target territory
  • Reinstate your GMB quickly if it is suspended or taken down, as we are a Google Premier Partner and have direct access to a Google Account Executive that will help us with any GMB problem
  • Optimize all aspects of your GMB to rank it in the top 3 by:
    • Making sure all your information is accurate and your NAP is consistent across the internet
    • Upload optimized photos and videos for all aspects of your business including logo, cover, product, at-work, team, interior, and exterior photos that are geo-tagged within your service area and have keyword optimized EXIF and meta data
    • Select the appropriate primary category and all applicable secondary categories
    • Claim your Google My Business short name which makes it easier for local searchers to find your business
    • We write the perfect wildlife or pest control business description containing the right keywords that describe your business in an engaging and authentic manner
  • Create regular posts to increase visibility, target keywords, and build authority
  • Generate and build reviews using customer email lists and a review management platform
  • Respond to reviews in a tactful and professional manner that shows visitors that you provide excellent customer service
  • Build Q&A database to increase user engagement and optimize your GMB


Why choose us?

  • Expertise - You can rely on our experience and skills as they apply to marketing, so you can get the best reach and grow your business.
  • Specific industry knowledge - We market exclusively with wildlife and pest control businesses, so we understand how you work.
  • Review data and marketing effects, adjusting if necessary - Analyzing and reviewing the data with our in-depth industry knowledge means you can change your strategy as required to have the highest impact possible.
  • Save time and money in the long run to make money - A professional will save you time as you do not need to learn the vagaries of marketing on the fly. You will, of course, have to outlay capital to hire an expert. Ultimately, this targeted marketing will provide additional business and revenue for you - earning you more income in the long run.


Our Results?

We currently have over 20 clients using us for this service.

How much do we charge for our services?

We charge a flat rate of $200 a month to manage your GMB listings. If a listing is taken down or suspended, we will get it reinstated for you. There is no additional charge for this service.

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Google Maps Marketing is no longer optional, but an essential tool which applies to a broader advertising strategy. You need to be accessible on Google Maps if you aim to be the go-to wildlife and pest control business in your area.


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"We love the advertising we have with Augie... I'd love to pick up some other local market areas" - Chris O'Banion (Cincinnati, OH)

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"Every lead is gold. I’m averaging 31-37 leads and closing around 40% of them. - Jay Wilkins (Seaford, DE)

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"It's the only advertise I use and I'm almost overwhelmed with how much work it gets me." - Jon Munsterman (Everett, WA)

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"I pick up a solid stream of calls from it. I personally think it is one of the better Wildlife specific advertising out there." - Dalton Stephenson (Sacramento, CA)

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"I have been with them for 10 years....Gets lots of business" - Scott Robinson (Bridgeport, CT)

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"The return is worth every penny." - Joe Herring (Raleigh, NC)

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