Proven method for winning more business on the phone = CRISP

We want our clients to get the most value from our digital marketing efforts. Especially if you are paying for our Lead Generation service or Paid Media. It is a best practice to focus on these leads are you are paying for each one. In addition to expanding your digital presence and generating more leads for you, we also provide valuable business advice like the method below.
Learn our CRISP mindset. CRISP is a proven method for winning more business on the phone. After observing our 200+ clients since 2003, we have first hand observed the best practices for converting more of your leads. These are the fundamentals of a phone call to help you to close more sales. Of course, that's very valuable to your pest or wildlife control business because your leads become more valuable.
C = Connect: Ensure inbound calls reach someone who can actually help with the caller's questions. Reduce voicemails or people hanging up on hold. "Answering" the phone is one thing, but getting the call to someone who can help is what matters most. More Connections = more conversations with potential customers. Less voicemails! But if you do find yourself having to respond to voicemails, make sure that you do so within the first 5 minutes of them calling you. The chances of getting that potential customer back on the phone dramatically go down after that period of time as they likely found another service to handle their pest problem.
RI = Request/Invite: Ask your caller's for an appointment. When we request/invite the opportunity to perform services, the odds of winning that business goes up.
S = Set: If the caller agrees to an appointment, we want to set it with a firm date/time. This greatly increases the chances of securing the customer and completing an appointment. "Today between 3:00 and 4:00 PM" is much stronger than "Hopefully I will see you tomorrow sometime." 
P = Pursue: This is about outbound follow-up calls. Top pest and wildlife control companies use outbound calls to ensure they win and keep customers. Example - an outbound call to confirm an appointment time, follow up on a customer who said they need to speak with their spouse about price, or simply calling back voicemails.
You can count on us to continue to bring you more effective methods to drive more sales and profits for your business. Stay tuned!